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The Advantages of working with Veritas Funding Scottsdale

For more than 15 years, Veritas Funding has cultivated a unique foundation that has allowed us to become the preferred lender of thousands of borrowers all over the country.

We’ve successfully assisted 36k families and individuals in financing their homes.

As a well-established leader in mortgage lending, we’ve done $7.5 billion in residential loans.

With a net promoter score of 75, we’re just as trusted – if not more so – than companies like Apple and Amazon.

The Truth in Lending

Since day one, we’ve strived toward a culture of transparency, support, and dependability. Our team of highly skilled professionals have committed to providing superior mortgage solutions, communicating openly and honestly, and continuously improving their knowledge and skillset to offer the best service they can. It’s through this pledge to never stop learning that Veritas Funding has become the mortgage lender families trust with their future. Our lending knowledge, advanced technology, and customer service are the best in the industry, and our dedication to our values is second to none

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“I was a first-time buyer and heard that the loan and escrow process could be extremely difficult. Luckily, Veritas made it really easy and got everything processed within 15 days. Veritas Funding was very professional and honest in helping me get the lowest rate possible, highly recommended!”

- Micbael D

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